Supply Chain Performance-Measures in the Context of Ready Made Garments Industry in Bangladesh

  • Humyra Maisur University of Chittagong
  • Mohammad Khaled Afzal University of Chittagong
Keywords: SCM, Bangladesh, RMG Organization, Performance, Indicators


The purpose of this research is to identify the supply chain performance-measures that contributed to the supply chain excellences of the RMG (Ready Made Garments) organizations in Bangladesh. A number of factors were identified from local and international literature review. A structured, close-ended questionnaire was used to reveal preference for supply chain performance-measures and samples were chosen based on both judgment and convenience. From the analysis it was found that supplier related factors are the used most, followed by customer related factors. Whereas internal supply chain related measures were focused less. Besides, factors like, Order cycle time, specialization, lead time, facility flexibility, improve data validity, information accuracy were found having positive association on supply chain (SC) performance. The article contributes to the literature on local supply chain management (SCM) and reveals the performance-measures of supply chain of RMG business in Bangladesh.

Author Biographies

Humyra Maisur, University of Chittagong

Humyra Maisur is M. Phil. Research Fellow, Department of Management, University of Chittagong

Mohammad Khaled Afzal, University of Chittagong

Mohammad Khaled Afzal is Professor, Department of Management, University of Chittagong