Call for Papers

We welcome papers, in English, on SCM topics. Initially, please submit your Abstract and personal details to: Full papers are subject to double blind review. If accepted, papers should range from 4,000 to 7,000 words in length, Times New Roman font size 12, single spacing, using APA Style referencing. The full paper should be submitted via Should you need assistance, please email:

Heading and Sub-Heading

All headings should be 14-pt Times New Roman and boldface. Place a blank line below each heading before starting a paragraph. Do not number the headings. Sub-headings should be in 12-pt Times New Roman, boldface and italicized.

Main Text

The main text should be in 12-pt Times New Roman and single-spaced. All Text should be fully justified. Please place a blank line between paragraphs. All but very short mathematical expressions should be displayed on a separate line and centered. Equations should be numbered consecutively on the right margin, using Arabic numerals in Parentheses. The author should explain the meaning of mathematical proofs.

Tables and Figures

Figures and tables are to be numbered separately, and centered. The source should be given below the figure or table in 12-pt Times New Roman.


Footnotes are discouraged.

Reference Format: APA Citation Style

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