The Factors Influencing the Success of Railway Transportation : A Case Study of China Railway Express

  • Jing Guo
  • Chanasit Thanathawee
Keywords: The Belt and Road Initiative, Railway Transportation, China Railway Express, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Priority Factors


In The Belt and Road Initiative, China Railway Express is an international railway container transportation project, which promotes the development of trade and related industries in the countries along The Belt and Road Initiative. In the development of China Railway Express, it still has some problems that are barriers to its development, such as vicious competition and routes overlap. The objective of this research is to find the priority factors that influence the development and success of China Railway Express and present the development countermeasures and suggestions to China Railway Express. In this research, the author applied the Analytic Hierarchy Process to measure and find the priority factors. According to the development status of China Railway Express, the author found the factors that related to railway transportation from the literature. Then, the author designed the questionnaire by these factors. According to the data collection results, the author measured the factors’ importance degree by factors’ weight. The factors that have high weights are priority factors, which have a significant effect on the success and development of China Railway Express. Based on these priority factors, the author proposed the development countermeasures to China Railway Express, which can be the reference to the decision-makers. The author hopes that government should propose suitable policies for China Railway Express to improve the current weakness parts to get great development and make China Railway Express a remarkable success.

Author Biographies

Jing Guo

Assumption University of Thailand

Chanasit Thanathawee

Assumption University of Thailand