The Impact of Digitization of Marine Services in Suez Canal


  • Mohamed Ahmed Ashour Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt


Digitization, marine service, quality, Suez Canal, technology transformation


Digital transformation has been a hot topic in recent years. Marine services are one of the key sectors for digital transformation. Suez Canal authority is facing pressure to become smarter and to improve how it transacts with customers. Therefore, the main objective of this paper is to examine the implementation of digital transformation and its effect on the quality of marine services within the case study of Suez Canal Authority (SCA). Moreover, it aimed to study the concept of digital transformation and the associated technologies, and highlight the digital trends and discuss the admissible dimensions of service quality in the marine domain. This paper undertakes an exploratory approach on SCA by conducting a survey with the aim of examining various aspects pertaining to the variables being investigated, which are digital transformation and service quality. The findings of this research revealed a significant positive effect of digital transformation on quality of marine services.